Tamil Nadu has been on top of list in protecting its natural products and industrial skills in Geographical Indication (GI) tagged products since India established the system of protecting such intellectual property (IP) rights in 2003.

What is Geographical Indication (GI) tagged products?

GI tag is a natural and industrial skilled tag on products which has distinctiveness and quality of assurance on the product based on its origin. This not only protects the commercial rights to these assets but also helps the local community to reap their benefits.

GI tagged products should be encouraged and we can see the list of agricultural products in Tamil Nadu is lacking behind the list. Agricultural products should be added more to upcoming GI tagged products to promote farmers. Respective union should be formed to organize Agri products to get nominated for GI tagged products.

Find the list of GI tagged products in Tamil Nadu,

S.NoRegistered YearTypeProductLocation
1April 2005 - March 2006HandicraftSalem fabricSalem, Tamil Nadu
2HandicraftKancheepuram SilkKancheepuram, Tamil Nadu
3HandicraftBhavani JammukalamErode, Tamil Nadu
4HandicraftMadurai SungudiMadurai, Tamil Nadu
5ManufacturedCoimbatore Wet GrinderCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu
6April 2007 - March 2008HandicraftThanjavur PaintsThanjavur, Tamil Nadu
7HandicraftTemple jewelery of NagercoilNagercoil, Tamil Nadu
8HandicraftThanjavur Art plateThanjavur, Tamil Nadu
9ManufacturedE.I LeatherTiruchirapalli & Dindigul, Tamil Nadu
10HandicraftSalem Silk as Salem VenpattuSalem, Tamil Nadu
11HandicraftCovai Cora CottonCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu
12HandicraftArani SilkVellore, Tamil Nadu
13April 2008 - March 2009HandicraftSwamimalai Bronze icons Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu
14AgriculturalEathomozhy Tall CoconutKanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
15HandicraftThanjavur DollThanjavur, Tamil Nadu
16AgriculturalNilgiri Orthodox logoNilgiris, Tamil Nadu
17AgriculturalVirupakshi Hill BananaDindigal, Tamil Nadu
18AgriculturalSirumalai Hill BananaDindigal, Tamil Nadu
19April 2012 - March 2013AgriculturalMadurai MalliMadurai, Tamil Nadu
20HandicraftPattamadai Pai as Pattamadai MatCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu
21HandicraftNachiarkoil Kuthuvilakku - Nachiarkoil LampKumbakonam, Tamil Nadu
22HandicraftChettinad KottanSivagangai, Tamil Nadu
23HandicraftToda EmbroideryOoty, Tamil Nadu
24HandicraftThanjavur VeenaiThanjavur, Tamil Nadu
25April 2015 - March 2016HandicraftThanjavur Art Plate (Logo)Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
26HandicraftMahabalipuram Stone SculptureMahaballipuram, Tamil Nadu

Don’t miss to have a collection of GI tagged products in homes.

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