Google cloud Platform (GCP) provide end to end Big Data solution for capturing, processing, storing and analysing data.

Google cloud Platform combines cloud native services with open source tools in both batch mode and stream mode. Also supports streaming analytics ETL and batch computation.

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a fully managed, low cost analytics data warehouse

BigQuery is server less,

  • No infrastructure to manage
  • No guessing the needed capacity or over provision
  • No need for database administration

Big Data interfaces with

  • BigQuery for data analytics
  • Cloud Data flow for ETL and other data processing patterns
  • Cloud Dataproc for Hadoop data processing
  • Cloud Datalab for data analysis and visualisation
  • Cloud Pub/Sub for sending and receiving messages
  • Genomics for life sciences and healthcare purposes

Google Cloud ML (Machine learning) platform offers modern machine learning services with pre-trained models and ability to generate custom models

Neural net-based ML platform has better training performances and increased accuracy.

These services are fast, scalable and easy to use and it interfaces well with other GCP applications.

Major Google applications use Cloud Machine Learning such as

  • Photos (image search)
  • The Google app (voice search)
  • Translate
  • Inbox (smart reply)

Platform is now available as a cloud service to bring unmatched scale and speed to business applications.

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