What is use of Spring Boot ApplicationRunner Interaface?

Spring bootApplicationRunnerInterface is used to execute specific lines of code/task just before the Spring Boot Application starts-up.

ApplicationRunnerand CommandLineRunnerinterfaces work in the same way and offer a single run method, which is called just before SpringApplication.run(…​) completes.

How Spring boot ApplicationRunner interface Works?

We need to create spring bean using ApplicationRunnerinterface and spring boot will automatically detect them. ApplicationRunnerInterface have run() method that needs to be overridden in implementing class and make the class as bean by using spring stereotype such as @Component.

The arguments which we pass to main() method while starting spring boot, can be accessed in the run() method of ApplicationRunner. run() method accepts Application Arguments instead of array of String as an argument as in CommandLineRunner.

We can create more than one bean of ApplicationRunnerimplementing classes. To execute them in an order, we use spring @Order annotation or Ordered interface.

Accessing Application Arguments

If you need to access the application arguments that were passed to SpringApplication.run(…​), you can inject aorg.springframework.boot.ApplicationArguments bean. The ApplicationArguments interface provides access to both the raw String[] arguments as well as parsed option and non-option arguments, as shown in the following example:

public class ApplicationRunnerBean implements ApplicationRunner {

  private static Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ApplicationRunnerBean.class);

  public void run(ApplicationArguments args) throws Exception {
    LOG.info("EXECUTING : Application Runner Bean");

    System.out.println("Option Arguments are :");
    Set<String> optionNames = args.getOptionNames();
    for (String optionName : optionNames) {
      System.out.println(optionName + " : " + args.getOptionValues(optionName));

    System.out.println("Non Option Arguments are : ");
    List<String> nonOptionArgs = args.getNonOptionArgs();
    for (String arg : nonOptionArgs) {

    System.out.println("Source args are:");
    String[] sourceArgs = args.getSourceArgs();
    for (String sourceArg : sourceArgs) {

Let’s execute above bean passing argument to our project as below,

Spring boot application argument

Arguments prefixed with — , for example --Name=Talksinfo is a valid option argument.

If the argument value is not prefixed with --, it is a plain or Non option argument.

While executing the console gives us log as below,

EXECUTING : Application Runner Bean
Option Arguments are :
Purpose : [Learning]
Name : [TalksInfo]

Non Option Arguments are : 

Source args are:


Hence we saw how to use spring boot ApplicationRunner interface and pass arguments and receive it based on options available.