String in Python is a series, or sequence, of characters in order.

Strings are immutable which means once a string has been created it cannot be changed. If you try to change a string you will in fact create a new string. New String will not affect the original string in anyway.

To define the start and end of a string we have used the single quote character ‘, thus all of the following are valid strings:

'Hello World'
'Hello TalksInfo 2020'
'TalkInfo is improving everyday'

Initialize a String in Python

We can also define an empty string which has no characters in it (it is defined as a single quote followed immediately by a second single quote with no gap between them). This is often used to initialize or reset a variable holding a reference to a string, for example

some_string = ''

Representing a String

As stated above, we have used single quotes to define the start and end of a string, however in Python single or double quotes can be used to define a string, thus both of the following are valid:

'Hello World'  
"Hello World"

Illegal representation of String

You should note however, that you cannot mix the two styles of start and end strings, that is you cannot start a string with a single quote and end a string with a double quote, thus the following are both illegal in Python:

'Hello TalksInfo'' # This is illegal
''Hello TalksInfo' # So is this

Mix of quotes in String

The ability to use both ” and ‘ however, comes in useful if your string needs to contain one of the other type of string delimiters. This is because a single quote can be embedded in a string defined using double quotes and vice versa, thus we can write the following:

print("I'm in TalksInfo Website")
print('TalksInfo says "hello" to everyone')

Output as below,

I'm in TalksInfo Website
TalksInfo says "hello" to everyone

Multi-line String in Python

A third alternative is the use of triple quotes to support multi-line string in python as below,

message = """

Output as below,


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In this article, we saw how to initialize a string, represent a string, legal/illegal usage of strings and multi-line strings.